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Our New Website

  Hello from a Eunice is on the way Tramore! It was a rough night, and the red warning hasn’t even kicked in yet. There was a biblical hailstorm with mini golf balls hammering against the window at 4 am. I checked the car, and the paint is still on it. I told Timmy that

Exiting Your Company – You have choices

I was back on the bike this morning for the first time in a month and boy did I suffer. I was flying early doors spinning away like a mad man to American Idiot by Green Day. Then Shane shouted those horrible words “turn it up” which means the resistance level. A few songs later

Business insights from Sean Gallagher

Last week we spoke about planning for 2021. To find out more about “I love it when a plan comes together” Read here I was on a webinar yesterday organised by Business All Stars. The guest speaker was Sean Gallagher. Sean is well known in Irish business circles as a very successful entrepreneur. He ran