You climb the mountain, we’ll thread the rope

You’re making business decisions every day in an unpredictable world and you don’t have to make them alone.

We recognise you want more than just a great accountant on this journey. You want a partner you connect with. Someone who understands the challenges you’re facing and will face those challenges with you.

When you partner with us, you have someone to share the highs and lows with at every step of your business journey.

This video helps give you an idea of what a partnership with Comerford Foley looks like:

You’re looking for
your kind of people

At the heart of our work and relationships is a set of core values. Our kind of people share these too.


We problem solve

Our focus is on providing you with practical and innovative solutions for your business.


We are approachable

We are all very nice people and are here to help you in any way that we can.


We protect you

We care about you and getting your accounts and taxes right. You will always have our support, allowing you to focus on what you do best and grow your business.


We are honest

Everything we do is above board and within the law. Our relationships are built on transparency and we talk straight with each other and our clients.


We are proactive

Our can-do attitude and positivity is central to the way we work. We get the work done, hit deadlines and add value wherever we can, saving you time and money.


We enjoy what we do

We love what we do and want you to love working with us too. We have a hunger to learn and are always striving to improve our services.

Learn more about why we do what we
do, and our promise to you.

You’re backed by a whole team here at Comerford Foley

You’re not a cog in a wheel here. You’re backed by a whole team, who will get to know you and be on hand to support you with their range of skills and expertise. You’ll have the benefit of our combined experience.

Start by getting to know us.

We see business growth as a journey​. As your business grows, so will our relationship.

TEAM 1 1-2 3-10 10 to 30 30+
ANNUAL REVENUE Profits €250k+
Turnover €2m+
COMPANY PROFILE Earning enough money to support themselves and their family Trading through a limited company Right team in place but winning more business and looking to expand. Investing in business Well established business with clear organisation structure Large, well established business
INVESTMENT LEVEL PER MONTH (excel. vat) €125 to €150 €200 to €300 €300 to €600 €700 to €1200 €3000 to €5000
CHALLENGES AND BUSINESS NEEDS • Confidence that tax affairs are looked after and everything is paid
• Wants to pay as little as possible to tax man, but everything above board
• Compliance with company law
• Maximise tax efficient salaries and expenses
• Winning more business and getting the right team in place
•Working in the business rather than on the business
• Funding for expansion
• Increasing financial services to include quarterly meeting, management accounts
• Business protection
• Salary increases and pensions
• Working on the business and less in the business
• Quarterly management accounts at a minimum
• KPI’s in their business
• Investing in business on a larger scale
• Business and personal taxes
• Personal wealth built up
• Full financial services support
OUR SERVICES • VAT, accounts and tax returns • Vat, payroll, accounts, company secretarial, corporation tax and income tax services
• Dedicated client manager that is qualified and experienced accountant
• Client support online/ phone
• Dedicated Client Manager, access to more Partner time and CF resources if needed
• Advice on business numbers and growth
• Partnership effort working with client to grow the business
• Potential tax project work such as corporate restructure, business succession, business sale
• Funding for growth
• Team effort with CF – client support at any stage, huge level of trust
• Outsourced finance function including Finance Director
• All routine monthly finance reporting and processing
• Monthly management accounts
• Cashflow management
• Projections, budgets and scenario analysis
• Banking relationship maintenance
• Funding and grant applications
• Year-end process


When we say we enjoy what we do, we really mean it

But often we find there are misconceptions about what it is we actually do.

So to set the record straight, here are some of the things we love about our work:

We save our clients money
We take on clients that are a match with us
We’re learning new things to help us help you
We’re using new technology to help you get better numbers on which to base important business decisions.
It’s rewarding work – we’re involved in the whole journey, from setting up a company to selling one or passing it on.
We make people feel secure – we work with many older clients who just want to know their affairs are being handled.
We meet new and interesting people
We grow with you – we started as two and now we’re nine, and we’ve learned a lot to share.
We’re always evolving – we’re better accountants than we were one year ago, and we will be better one year from now.

Start relieving some pressure so you can do more of the things you enjoy.