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Bookkeeping – Outsource or Die

Paper everywhere

A catchy title. Bookkeeping – Outsource or Die is the title of a book. We were working with a business coach for accountants in the UK and the guest speaker Mark wrote it. He was a UK national living in the Philippines. He and his team provided outsourcing solutions to UK accountants. Successful and smart,

Bookkeeping Is An Investment

Last week we looked at two cases for Entrepreneur Relief claims. One case would get it and the other not. In case you missed it See here. This week we are going to look at bookkeeping. Why a good bookkeeping function is an investment in your business and what does it look like. What are

How to choose your accountant

Last week we spoke about a brilliant webinar from Business All Stars. Sean Gallagher was the guest speaker and he was exceptional. To find out many nuggets of wisdom from him Read here This week we look at some of the main things you should look out for when choosing an accountant for your company.