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Creating a Valuable Business


Creating a valuable business to sell or pass on to the next generation. This was the theme for an early morning event with Waterford Chamber and PWC. Numbers were low and given the weather, it was a wonder anyone was there at all. Those of us who were got great benefit from the presentation by

There Are Funny Accounting Stories too

Funny Accounting Stories

Last week we looked at the issues for Judy and if she should trade through a company or stay as a sole trader. If you missed it see here. This week we are going to take a lighter look at some of the funny accounting stories. And some were a touch embarrassing at the time

Our New Website

Last week we met Oliver and Barbara Rose and the marital tax case with evidence from Oliver and Revenue. In case you missed it see here. This week we are going to talk about our new website. The main things to chat about are   Why a new site? Who are we? Our Audience Niches

How to choose your accountant

Last week we spoke about a brilliant webinar from Business All Stars. Sean Gallagher was the guest speaker and he was exceptional. To find out many nuggets of wisdom from him Read here This week we look at some of the main things you should look out for when choosing an accountant for your company.

Case Study: Outsourced Accounting Partner!

Case Study: Outsourced Accounting Partner! Following on from a recent blog we issued in relation to having an outsourced Accounting Partner for your business we have had some questions on the practicality of this and how a business owner might get a return on this investment. “How will this help me grow my business?” was