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There Are Funny Moments Too

Timmy the cat is looking out the window at these metal boxes with wheels whizzing by. Trying to spot his own kind but no joy yet. He’s out with me as the man giving him breakfast is pressing keys on a colourful screen. My ignoring is leading to more affection on his part. I sense

Our New Website

  Hello from a Eunice is on the way Tramore! It was a rough night, and the red warning hasn’t even kicked in yet. There was a biblical hailstorm with mini golf balls hammering against the window at 4 am. I checked the car, and the paint is still on it. I told Timmy that

How to choose your accountant

We can’t start this blog without mentioning the Kilkenny Waterford Match this weekend. It should be a cracker with both teams coming in full of confidence. We have an office divided. A virtual office for now! Two staunch Kilkenny fans surrounded by 4 hardy Deise supporters. Our new recruit from South Africa is keen to

Case Study: Outsourced Accounting Partner!

Case Study: Outsourced Accounting Partner! Following on from a recent blog we issued in relation to having an outsourced Accounting Partner for your business we have had some questions on the practicality of this and how a business owner might get a return on this investment. “How will this help me grow my business?” was