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There Are Funny Moments Too

Timmy the cat is looking out the window at these metal boxes with wheels whizzing by. Trying to spot his own kind but no joy yet. He’s out with me as the man giving him breakfast is pressing keys on a colourful screen. My ignoring is leading to more affection on his part. I sense

Our Values – What do they mean?

It’s a wet and windy one out there. There’s a flood of water coming down outside. I am expecting to see a family of ducks on the grass and Timmy is hoping I am right. The guy driving the JCB digger up to the shop must be feeling smug. No floods are going to stop

Rear View Mirror

“Saw things, saw things clearer, clearer, once you were in my rear-view mirror” Pearl Jam I made my spinning class again this morning. Shane, our instructor, wasn’t happy as there were a few late cancellations. I am learning that some things in the class are impossible for me. Like I lose serious speed when I

Why a manifesto?

Comerford Foley manifesto

Why a manifesto? There is a slight change of direction with our blog from this week. We have recently finalised the Comerford Foley manifesto. This is not a collection of future promises so that you will become our client much like a political party will promise you the sun, moon and stars so that you