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Creating a Valuable Business


Creating a valuable business to sell or pass on to the next generation. This was the theme for an early morning event with Waterford Chamber and PWC. Numbers were low and given the weather, it was a wonder anyone was there at all. Those of us who were got great benefit from the presentation by

A Quality Payroll Process

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 A Quality Payroll Process is Vital for Your Business Having a quality payroll process is vital for your business. Getting it wrong can be costly for you and your employees. Getting it right saves you time and money and gives you the headspace to focus on other areas of the business. We will look at

Revenue Focus Areas for 2023

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We will look at some Revenue focus areas for 2023. The information for this came from a recent joint Revenue and Institute of Tax webinar. This is an opportunity for Revenue to get its message across. “Lads we are going to be looking at these areas, in particular, so don’t say we haven’t warned you”.

Autumn Tax Update

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Letters, letters, and more letters. They are on the way. In this Autumn Tax update, we will let you know what’s coming down the line for businesses. The main points we will look at are Debt Warehousing – Self Review Debt Warehousing – End of Period 2 Local Property Tax Ulster and KBC bank accounts

Bookkeeping – Are you ready to invest?


That is the question. Are you ready to invest in your bookkeeping? It depends on how you view it. Do you see it as something that is a necessary evil that has little value for you? Or do you think it is a vital part of your business that can help you grow and achieve

Bookkeeping – Hand it over and help your marriage

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This week we will introduce you to Justin and Helena. They decided to hand over their bookkeeping to us. We will show you how it helped their marriage. Oh, and the business too! Justin and Helena – An Intro Why hand it over Invoicing the priority Benefits Learnings Part of the business Justin and Helena

Is Revenue Watching You?

Is Revenue Watching You?

Revenue audits, tax collection and tax compliance are all things that can be a little scary to business owners. All these things could have you thinking: is Revenue watching me? I was on a tax course with Omnipro last week and Brendan from MK Brazil was the speaker. He was excellent as usual. One of

Pensions Drawdowns – Be the Man

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I was at The Killers in Malahide Castle on Wednesday evening. It was a brilliant gig on a gorgeous summer evening. The first song of the encore was The Man. I loved the lyrics, and it was coincidental that I had two meetings this week where I met the man and the woman. They had

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Bookkeeping

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Most business owners dread that day every year when the phone rings. Oh no, it’s the accountants looking for the books. A lot of running about searching for the paperwork only to find, as always, you’re missing some. The hassle of ringing the bank to get replacements and paying through the nose for them. Or

A Beginners View of Xero

A Beginners View of Xero

Last week we spoke about how the right time is now to go for an electric car. This week we will change tack and look at Xero. This is a beginner’s view of Xero. When I say beginner, I mean it. My experience with it is limited to issuing invoices and some basic bookkeeping. We