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Your Accountant – A Bean Counter!

Bean counter

My friend John calls me a bean counter, knowing that I am part of an accountancy and tax business. The bean counter reference is an accusation. A not-so-subtle dig at the accountancy profession. He doesn’t hold accountants in high esteem and is brutally honest about it. I came across the Bean Counter Cafe on my

Starting a New Business

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I had a meeting this week with Bridget Higgins who is starting a new business. Already working, this is a new gig for her, and she wants to get things right from the start. It got me thinking that we didn’t write anything about this before. Plus, it could help to point you in the

Bookkeeping – A Partnership Approach

We are in this together

We will look at bookkeeping and how a partnership approach can make your life easier. Plus, it can improve the bottom line and put more cash in your pocket. Introducing you to Conor and Amy [their real names] we will touch on some of the things that helped them. And why they decided to use

Bookkeeping – Nail the foundations

Bookkeeping foundations

Bookkeeping – Nail the foundations. Why should I do that? What’s in it for me? What even are the foundations? Sure, I’ll be grand. But will you? This isn’t a lecture about you should do this and if you don’t then you are in big trouble. It is more to discuss what the basics are

Bookkeeping – Go Paperless

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Bookkeeping – Go Paperless. Yeah right! Sure, how can we do that? I can hear you all now. That fella is pulling our leg! And why would you want to go paperless anyway? What’s in it for me? We will explore further and make a case for it by looking at. Does paper cost money?

A Quality Payroll Process

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 A Quality Payroll Process is Vital for Your Business Having a quality payroll process is vital for your business. Getting it wrong can be costly for you and your employees. Getting it right saves you time and money and gives you the headspace to focus on other areas of the business. We will look at

Bookkeeping – Are you ready to invest?


That is the question. Are you ready to invest in your bookkeeping? It depends on how you view it. Do you see it as something that is a necessary evil that has little value for you? Or do you think it is a vital part of your business that can help you grow and achieve

Helping Our Bookkeeping Clients

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Here at Comerford Foley, we are a curious bunch. We ask questions and lots of them. Helping our bookkeeping clients is a priority. This is not being nosey. There is a purpose to the question. After all, no point asking if there isn’t a good reason to ask. Sitting down with a client and finding

Is Revenue Watching You?

Is Revenue Watching You?

Revenue audits, tax collection and tax compliance are all things that can be a little scary to business owners. All these things could have you thinking: is Revenue watching me? I was on a tax course with Omnipro last week and Brendan from MK Brazil was the speaker. He was excellent as usual. One of

Bookkeeping Is My Thing

Aedin our excellent bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Is My Thing My sister is a nurse – our very own on-call 24-hour health adviser, whether she likes it or not! There’s a reassurance in knowing that she’s always at the end of the phone if there’s even a slight medical emergency. Her husband is self-employed and funnily enough she feels the same