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Dext modern accounting toolkit

You can transform your business with Dext by going digital. In your business, time is money. Every hour of productivity counts and the hours you spend swamped under financial admin impact your bottom line. The solution? Cut out clunky manual processes and replace them with slick, automated systems to free up hours every month. It all starts by digitising the way you process expenses and invoices.

How do I go digital?

The most successful businesses have made the shift from spreadsheets to digital accounting software like Xero. Using Excel for your accounting is outdated and time-consuming.

Digital accounting software is easy to use and intuitive, and many are designed specifically for small businesses. To discover all the ways it can help your business, read our blog post on how Xero will change your life

When you’re set up on digital accounting software, it opens the door to a wealth of integrations that make your life easier.

  • Transactions flow into your accounting feed and automatically reconcile.
  • You can upload invoices and receipts to your accounting feed in seconds.
  • It shows you how much money your business is actually
  • The information you need for compliance is in one central place.
  • Your bookkeeper/accountant has visibility over all your costs and can capture all the VAT. And, get your VAT returns right. You get all your VAT, back plus you have all the costs to minimise your profits.

Going digital gets rid of having to hang onto paper receipts.

Most digital accounting software integrates with Dext, a smartphone app that lets you effortlessly transfer information from receipts and invoices to your accounting feed.

Dext is simple to use:

  1. Make a purchase
  2. Open the Dext app on your phone
  3. Snap a photo of your receipt
  4. Hit the upload button
  5. The information is automatically sent to your digital accounting feed

It makes it easy to find invoices.

How many times have you been rifling through piles of documents, frustrated as you just can’t find the one you need?

When you use Dext to upload receipts and invoices, all the information is digitised and easily searchable. Need to find that receipt from May 2022? Simply type in what you need, and your digital accounting software will locate it.

Say goodbye to manually reconciling transactions.

With Dext automatically feeding into your digital accounting software, you won’t have to spend your weekends matching up transactions. When we say it cuts out a lot of hassle, we mean it. Not only does it free up time, but you won’t have to spend your energy on this laborious task.

Going digital frees up space.

Think of all the receipts and invoices taking up space in your home, office, or even the storage unit you rent to keep them all. With Dext you can throw your receipt away right after you snap a photo of it. No more having to rifle through towers of paper or stuffing crumpled receipts into your wallet.

You’ll save on travel time and costs.

Dext and Xero let you send financial information to your accountant seamlessly via email. Your suppliers can e-mail purchase invoices straight into Dext at the same time as sending them to you.

If you normally pay to send your documents by post, these costs can really add up. It might not be on the same scale as the Department of Education spending €3m to post wage slips last year…but your business will certainly benefit from these savings!

Similarly, if your accountant is located 30 minutes away, you won’t have to spend that time driving to their office with a stack of documents in the back seat. Over the course of a year, think about how that time (and fuel costs) add up. It’s time and money better spent elsewhere.

While it saves time it’s not magic. There is a time saving for you. But also a time saving for your experienced accountant or bookkeeper. This allows them spend more time giving you the insights your business needs.

It’s time to make the switch to digital accounting.

I don’t know how I ever managed to do my accounting on paper and spreadsheets!”. It’s what we often hear from clients who have gone digital. Once you replace manual processes with smart digital systems, you’ll wonder how you ever juggled your busy schedule around the accounting admin.

Dext works best with a quality bookkeeping process. Getting the numbers right is the foundation of your business. Having a sharp digital accounting system with quality bookkeeping and accounting support is an investment. An investment in you and your business. Do you want to build a solid foundation for your business and spend your time elsewhere?

If so, we’ll help you make a seamless transition to digital accounting. Drop us a message and let’s start freeing up your time.

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