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Family Wages and Company Expenses


We’ll look at a dispute for a deduction for family wages and company expenses between Revenue and a taxpayer. This arises from a recent tax appeals case that has some very interesting lessons. Let’s call the taxpayer Sanjay Singh. We’ll focus on Introduction Background Evidence for Sanjay Case for Revenue Outcome Lessons Introduction Sanjay is

Normal Place of Work – Expenses

Arm wrestle for money

Be aware of your normal place of work when claiming expenses. Are you entitled to claim them and what are the things to watch out for? We’ll take a look at a case that came before the Tax Appeals Commission last year. Let’s find out more about The Stars The issues Case for Jerry Case

Getting paid expenses of travel and subsistence from your employer – Part 1

We can’t start off without mentioning the hurling. What an amazing weekend of hurling and I was just delighted with the Cats victory over Limerick on Saturday evening. We were hugely outnumbered by confident Limerick supporters. 6 Limerick fans to one Kilkenny fan would be a conservative guess. We hit them hard and early and

“Can I deduct food as an expense on trips?”

“Can I deduct food as an expense on trips?” We’re going to be starting a series of posts about what you need to know when it comes to your taxes. These posts are going to be based on real world questions that we’ve been asked by clients. So, if you need help with anything specific,

Some food for thought on Revenue Interventions

Some food for thought on Revenue Interventions I just wanted to share some of our experiences in dealing with Revenue when they make enquiries in relation to our clients. Also what are the “hot topic” areas that Revenue will continue to focus on? Expenses This has been a significant earner for Revenue over the last