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Revenue Focus Areas for 2024

Looking Glass

We’ll have a look at some of the Revenue Focus Areas for 2024. Some of the usuals continue to appear and it doesn’t take a genius to know why. There are a few new target areas too. You may know some of these. Revenue have so much information on us that they could do a

Is Revenue Watching You?

Is Revenue Watching You?

Revenue audits, tax collection and tax compliance are all things that can be a little scary to business owners. All these things could have you thinking: is Revenue watching me? I was on a tax course with Omnipro last week and Brendan from MK Brazil was the speaker. He was excellent as usual. One of

Mid-Year Tax Update

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Every Friday evening I get a news update from the Institute of Tax. At times it has very little that is relevant to our clients and other times it has lots of great information. Last Friday was one of those times where it had plenty to offer. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this Mid-Year

What Will Revenue Look At In 2021?

It’s great to see a stretch in the evenings and brighter days following the near monsoon earlier in the week. A lot of very stressed-out parents are ecstatic that their little pride and joys and going back to school. Food bills will fall and relaxing tea breaks will rise. The hair is gone beyond ridiculous.

“Why would my business be selected for a Revenue Audit?”

You Ask, We Answer – “Why would my business be selected for a Revenue Audit?” We are continuing our series of posts about what you need to know when it comes to your taxes. These posts are based on real world questions that we’ve been asked by clients. So, if you need help with anything

Some food for thought on Revenue Interventions

Some food for thought on Revenue Interventions I just wanted to share some of our experiences in dealing with Revenue when they make enquiries in relation to our clients. Also what are the “hot topic” areas that Revenue will continue to focus on? Expenses This has been a significant earner for Revenue over the last