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Debt Warehousing Payment Plan


Debt Warehousing Payment Plan We will look at a debt warehousing payment plan. As a quick recap, Debt warehousing came into play to enable a business to warehouse its tax debts. Revenue love their acronyms and would call this the DWPP. Sounds like a political party! For most businesses period 2 ends on the 31st

Debt Warehousing – An Update

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We want to give you an update on Debt Warehousing as period 2 draws to a close for most businesses. You will need to act in the coming months to plan to pay the taxes owed. This information is to help you understand the background and next steps. We will look at Overview – taxes

Autumn Tax Update

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Letters, letters, and more letters. They are on the way. In this Autumn Tax update, we will let you know what’s coming down the line for businesses. The main points we will look at are Debt Warehousing – Self Review Debt Warehousing – End of Period 2 Local Property Tax Ulster and KBC bank accounts

Mid-Year Tax Update

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Every Friday evening I get a news update from the Institute of Tax. At times it has very little that is relevant to our clients and other times it has lots of great information. Last Friday was one of those times where it had plenty to offer. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this Mid-Year

Tax Return Season – Danger Tread Carefully

We did some in-house training yesterday and the focus was on the upcoming Income tax return season. Tax returns are not easy, and our consistent message is not to do your own. We saw an example of this last week when a client whose circumstances had changed said he would do his own return. This