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Exiting Your Company – You have choices

I was back on the bike this morning for the first time in a month and boy did I suffer. I was flying early doors spinning away like a mad man to American Idiot by Green Day. Then Shane shouted those horrible words “turn it up” which means the resistance level. A few songs later

10 Things to know about the EWSS

Happy New Year to you from all here at Comerford Foley It has been a difficult start to the year for many with wide ranging restrictions in place. Hope is on the horizon with two vaccines approved and vaccination in progress. It’s super to see our healthcare workers and nursing homes residents getting priority. We

Accounting for Your Growing Business

The story of any successful and growing business is not without its twists and turns. With each milestone you reach, and each challenge you overcome, there’s another waiting further down the line. That’s why it’s always helpful to have the support and guidance of a trusted advisor – particularly one that’s been over the course

Electric cars and BIK exemption

Electric cars and BIK exemption We are now well on our way through the year (where did March come out of?!), and now might be the time you start thinking about getting a new van for your business or car for your employees/directors. But with the initial cost involved, as well as the running costs,

Key Social Media Practices for 2018

Key Social Media Practices for 2018 Where has 2017 gone? 2018 is just around the corner, and with that a chance to really up your game and target your audience like never before. Heard all the talk about ‘businesses need to be using social media if they have any hope of gathering leads, making deals,

Some food for thought on Revenue Interventions

Some food for thought on Revenue Interventions I just wanted to share some of our experiences in dealing with Revenue when they make enquiries in relation to our clients. Also what are the “hot topic” areas that Revenue will continue to focus on? Expenses This has been a significant earner for Revenue over the last

It’s all about the numbers!

It’s all about the numbers! While you could spend hours and several pages trying to explain what business is about, in essence it comes down to profits. The only way of knowing the profitability of your business at any stage is to have a real understanding of the numbers. As one of our more entrepreneurial

Adding to the bottom line – New Year, new focus

Adding to the bottom line – New Year, new focus Accounting is not just about compliance. This may come as a surprise to some small business owners, but a good accountant can offer so much more than basic bookkeeping and year-end accounts. A modern, forward-thinking accountant, such as Comerford Foley, looks beyond those statutory accounts