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A Beginners View of Xero

Ger helping client with their numbers

There’s no sign of the heatwave that’s hitting Spain and France in Tramore this morning. Rain is on the way with a high of 15 degrees. Seville is 26 degrees at half 8 in the morning with a high of up to 42 degrees expected tomorrow. Sweltering. No wonder there were so many half-naked men

Our Hero Jeff

Our Hero Jeff What a super day out there. The washing machine is going at full pelt given that it’s a great day for drying. The heating is off, the woolly vest is tucked away, and the thought of sun cream crossed my mind. This was overthinking it and being too optimistic. Getting carried away

It’s all about the numbers!

It’s all about the numbers! While you could spend hours and several pages trying to explain what business is about, in essence it comes down to profits. The only way of knowing the profitability of your business at any stage is to have a real understanding of the numbers. As one of our more entrepreneurial