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A Beginners View of Xero

A Beginners View of Xero

Last week we spoke about how the right time is now to go for an electric car. This week we will change tack and look at Xero. This is a beginner’s view of Xero. When I say beginner, I mean it. My experience with it is limited to issuing invoices and some basic bookkeeping. We

Getting help growing your business

Our Hero Jeff In our last blog, we spoke about our values and what they mean to us, and how they underpin the way we work with our clients. In case you missed it see here. This week we will talk about our hero Jeff, our accountancy coach and how you can get help with

It’s all about the numbers!

It’s all about the numbers! While you could spend hours and several pages trying to explain what business is about, in essence it comes down to profits. The only way of knowing the profitability of your business at any stage is to have a real understanding of the numbers. As one of our more entrepreneurial