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A Beginners View of Xero

A Beginners View of Xero

Last week we spoke about how the right time is now to go for an electric car. This week we will change tack and look at Xero. This is a beginner’s view of Xero. When I say beginner, I mean it. My experience with it is limited to issuing invoices and some basic bookkeeping. We

Bookkeeping Is An Investment – Part II

Last week we looked at why bookkeeping is an investment and why it’s so important for a good business. This week we are going to look at what a quality bookkeeping system could look like for you.  We will look at What is quality bookkeeping Autoentry Dext/Receipt Bank Cloud Accounting Using the info Warning  

Cloud Accounting – What’s this all about?

Cloud Accounting – What’s this all about? Technology is changing how Accountancy services are delivered. It’s taken a while for our old industry to catch on but now things are changing rapidly. There is software available to help with communication, data entry tasks, invoicing, banking as well as just about any other process you can