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Tax Tips for Farmers

Farm animals

Let’s explore some Tax Tips for Farmers. Podge is a good friend of mine and a client too. Back in my hurling days, I used to mark him in training and he in turn marked me too. Still have the scars on my back. War wounds he calls them. Young Podge is in employment and

Tips to Save Corporation Tax

Save Money

Company Directors. Listen up. Tips to save Corporation Tax will be important to you in the coming months. The Corporation Tax [CT] deadline for companies with a 31 December 2022 year end is the 23rd of September. That is the last day to file your CT return and pay the balance owing for 2022. Let’s

Tax Strategy For Your Business

Tax Strategy For Your Business

Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at a Tax Strategy for your business. We will start with a sole trader/partnership and look at a limited company next week. The reason for this is to give you some ideas in this space. You want your business to be as lean and efficient