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Tax Meetings with Company Directors

Time of the year. More tax meetings with Company Directors than normal. Some are with clients and others are one-off consultations. A wide range of topics discussed. From electric cars to Income Protection, a lot of issues looked at. The question is always, what should I do? Let’s look at some of these to include

Thinking of Electric – The Time is Now

charging an electric vehicle

In last week’s blog, Aedin told us about her love of bookkeeping and how this helps our clients. Ger sent me some numbers on the BIK cost of having an electric car yesterday. It was a query that came in from a client about buying one. I looked at the numbers and it led me

Should I buy an electric car through my company?

buy an electric car

  This week a client’s query provided the idea for our blog. Our client is looking to buy an electric car through their company and he had a few queries around BIK, grants, etc. Should you buy an electric car? We will look at Why an Electric Vehicle [EV] Benefit in Kind [BIK] Charging equipment