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Land Rover Discovery – Car or Van for BIK?

Land Rover Discover

Is the Land Rover Discovery a car or van for BIK? This is relevant to other similar types vehicles taxed as “commercial” for Vat and VRT. You will get to meet Tom Dunne and Bill Flynn, directors of Bigbiceps Ltd [BBL], a supplement supplier. The main areas of focus are Car or Van – what’s

Thinking of Electric – The Time is Now

charging an electric vehicle

In last week’s blog, Aedin told us about her love of bookkeeping and how this helps our clients. Ger sent me some numbers on the BIK cost of having an electric car yesterday. It was a query that came in from a client about buying one. I looked at the numbers and it led me

Cars and Benefit in Kind. What Do I Pay?

Last week our blog was on Thinking Time for 2022 and its focus was 5 issues for business owners to consider. In case you missed it see here. This week we are going to look at all things cars and benefit in kind. New car registrations peak in the early months of the year. Many

Tax implications of a company loan – Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Tax implications of a company loan

This week we are going to look at the tax implications of taking a loan from your company. We will look at Setting the scene Company Tax Benefit in Kind [BIK] Loans not caught Can Teddy do better? Summary Setting the scene? Teddy Moore set up a new company in February of 2020 called Getmoore