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Marriage Breakup – Taxes

In our blog last week, we met Sharon Stone and looked at the options she has to exit her business. In case you missed it you can read here. This week we are changing tack a bit and talking about marriage breakup – this blog explains the tax Implications of separation and highlights things to think

5 Big Problems in my business right now

Many business owners make the annual trip to their accountant with a sense of fear. You don’t know what tax bill you will face and are uncertain if you will have enough funds to pay it. Your accountant will hand you their bill at the same time. Often you don’t get your accounts and taxes

Tax return filing season – TRFS!

First day after the end of tax return filing season so all those engaged in this frantic activity of preparing and filing returns and processing payments on ROS on behalf of clients can take a collective sigh of relief for at least a couple of days before we get stuck into company preliminary tax payments,

Let the taxpayer beware! – Offshore Assets Disclosure

Let the taxpayer beware! – Offshore Assets Disclosure Friday week the 28th April is effectively the last day to have a submission with Revenue on the current Offshore Assets Disclosure. Per Revenue the deadline date is the 30th but as that is a Sunday the Friday before is the last working day. You may remember

Why your accounts and tax return are far from boring

Why your accounts and tax return are far from boring Your basic accounts may seem like the least exciting part of your finances but, in fact, they’re the bedrock for your financial management. In the world of small-business accounting, we’re at an exciting time. New breeds of online accounting software, integrated cloud applications and flexible