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Tax Efficiency Saves Money

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We’ll look at some examples of how tax efficiency saves money. Plus, introduce you to the main stars of this blog, the Toners. By claiming everything they can and making a few changes the Toners will save thousands in a tax year. It could be the difference between a holiday in Portugal or a day

Tax Refunds


To give this blog its full title I should call it Tax Refunds and the Millions Left Out There. Hundreds of millions. And it’s your money. Plus, Revenue don’t make it easy for you to get it back. It’s locked away in their secure vault! I’ve had a few different meetings in the last few

Tax Refund on Ceasing Employment

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Getting a tax refund on ceasing employment has surfaced a couple of times in recent weeks. The most relevant and eye-opening one was in a prospect meeting earlier this week. Both involved an exit package from their employers. So, there was a bonus or termination payment on top of salary at the time of ceasing.

Looking After Older Clients

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Looking After Older Clients With the news that AIB are going cashless in many branches it got me thinking about how we look after clients. My view is that what AIB are doing is a backward step. Going digital makes sense but not at a cost to customers who need cash services and will go

You Ask, We Answer – My Employee is due a tax refund – Do I pay this or does Revenue?

My Employee is due a tax refund – Do I pay this or does Revenue? A popular question we get asked a lot is how to negotiate the mine field that is tax refunds for employees. Who in the world has to pay it? There could be a number of reasons for having to refund