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A problem gets heavier when the only one carrying it is you

Last week we discussed further about owning property in a company. If you missed that Read here. This week we are going to discuss some business strategy. We would hope to get a number of these posts out in the coming weeks. They will offer plenty food for though for business owners in the SME

Planning to Exit – Don’t forget Termination Payments

These are also called “golden handshakes” or ex-gratia lump sums. It is an area that can sometimes be forgotten by accountants when advising their clients and can be useful as part of the overall planning exercise when an employee or company director is ceasing employment. This could be at retirement, on a business sale or

Business Exit Planning – Share buyback

We are back with our blog series on business exit planning on what is a gorgeous sunny day out there, even though it is a Monday. Elections are over and while we know most of the people that got in we are still waiting on the results of the European and mayoral one. Never do