5 Tax Benefits for 2022 and 2023

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We will look at 5 Tax benefits for 2022 and 2023 for employees and business owners. Some come into effect now and others will kick in in 2023. Our main focus will be on

  1. Increase in the lower rate band
  2. Increase in tax credits
  3. Rent Tax Credit
  4. USC – increase in 2% band
  5. Small Benefit Exemption

Some examples should help understand the savings. And some tips to maximise the benefits too.

Tax Benefit – Increase in the lower rate band

The current lower rate is 20% and the higher rate is 40%. With the increase in the lower rate band, it means we can earn more money at the lower rate. The increase was €3200 for all earners which is a saving of €640.

  • Single or widowed go from €36800 to €40000
  • Single or widowed qualifying for the single person child carer credit goes from €40800 to €44000
  • Married couples or civil partners with one income go from €45800 to €49000
  • Married couples or civil partners with two incomes go from €45800 to €49000 (with a max increase of up to €31000)

Let’s look at a few examples. Mary Carroll is single and working as a teacher. She earns €50000 per annum. She rents an apartment at €1000 per month.


2023 2022
€40000 at 20% €8000 €36800 at 20% €7360
€10000 at 40% €4000 €13200 at 40% €5280
Total €12000 Total €12640
Tax saving €640

Silvio and Georgia Moloney are a married couple. Both are working. Silvio is a company director. His annual salary is €60000, and Georgia works part-time on a salary of €32000.

2023 2022
€49000 at 20% €9800 €45800 at 20% €9160
€11000 at 40% €4400 €14200 at 40% €5680
€31000 at 20% €6200 €27800 at 20% €5560
€1000 at 40% €400 €4200 at 40% €1680
Total €20800 Total €22080
Tax saving €1280

As you will see from the above both benefitted from the extra €3200 at the lower rate. Note the above are not their tax liabilities as we must deduct their tax credits to arrive at that number.

Tax Benefit – Increase in Tax Credits

  • An increase in the personal tax credit from €1700 to €1775
  • The employee tax credits [PAYE] goes from €1700 to €1775
  • An increase in the Earned Income Credit from €1700 to €1775
  • The Home Carer Tax credit goes from €1600 to €1700

Mary will get the extra personal tax credit and get the increased PAYE credit in 2023. If we follow on from the above examples

2023 2022
Total €12000 Total €12640
Personal Credit €1775 Personal Credit €1700
PAYE Credit €1775 PAYE Credit €1700
Net Tax liability €8450 Net Tax Liability €9240
Tax saving €790

For Silvio and Georgia, the tax credit savings are as follows

2023 2022
Total €20800 Total €22080
Married Credit €3550 Married Credit €3400
Earned Income €1775 Earned Income €1700
PAYE Credit €1775 PAYE Credit €1700
Net Tax liability €13700 Net Tax liability €15280
Tax saving €1580

Tax Benefit – Rent Tax Credit

There is a new rent tax credit for private tenants who are not in receipt of other State housing supports. Per the published budget documents, the credit will be claimable “in year” in 2023. The credit is also due for 2022 in 2023 but we don’t know how people will access that yet.

As we know Mary rents an apartment for €1000 per month so she will get the rent credit in 2023 for 2023 and 2022. This will be worth €500 for each year and €1000 in total.


2023 2022
Total €12000 Total €12640
Personal Credit €1775 Personal Credit €1700
PAYE Credit €1775 PAYE Credit €1700
Rent Tax Credit €1000 Rent Tax Credit €0
Net tax liability €7450 Net tax liability €9240
Tax saving €1790

For 2024 Mary will get the normal rent tax credit of €500. The Moloney’s are not renting their home and will not get the rent tax credit. If they were renting, my understanding is that the rent tax credit would be €500 per person. If this were the case the rent tax credit would be €2000 in 2023 for 2022 and 2023 and will be €1000 in 2024 and onwards. Exact details will follow in the Finance Bill.

Tax Benefit – Lower USC

The ceiling for the 2% rate of USC will increase by €1625 from €21295 to €22920. The reason was to ensure those on the minimum wage don’t go into the higher rates of USC. The minimum wage is due to increase from €10.50 to €11.30 from 1 January 2023. The saving is small at about €41 per person.

We will see how this works out for Mary on her salary of €50000

2023 2022
€12012 at 0.5% €60 €12012 at 0.5% €60
€10908 at 2% €218 €9283 at 2% €186
€27080 at 4.5% €1219 €28705 at 4.5% €1292
Total €1497 Total €1538
Tax saving €41

The Moloney’s would save €82 or €41 each bringing their total tax savings to €1662. As I said not a huge saving. Still, it’s better than a slap in the face with a wet fish!

Small Benefit Exemption

The small benefit exemption will increase to a maximum annual total of €1000. This is an increase of €500. The number of benefits will also increase from 1 to 2. Before the budget it was

  • 1 benefit up to a max of €500 in a year and the change is
  • Up to 2 benefits to a max of €1000 in a year

It is available to both employees and directors. The key here is that there are no payroll taxes to deduct. That’s no PAYE, PRSI, or USC for the employee. And there is no employer’s PRSI for the employer. The benefit cannot be in cash and is usually by way of a voucher.

In the Moloney’s case, Silvio can give himself a voucher for €1000 in December 2022. Remember this change came into effect on the 28th of September. If Georgia was a director of the company, she could also get a voucher for €1000. Kildare Village won’t know what hit them!


  1. Company Directors can look at your salaries. Is there scope to earn more at the lower rate? Say you are currently earning €45000. Can you increase your salary to €49000 and earn the extra €4000 at the lower rate? If your spouse is working in the company too, can you increase his/her salary to maximise lower rate bands?
  2. Keep an eye out for your tax credit cert for 2023. This will arrive in December and make sure your rate bands and tax credits are right. If you don’t understand it get help
  3. Stay friendly with your landlord. You may need to get his/her details so you can claim the rental tax credit.
  4. Understand how you will get the rent tax credit for 2022. Will that form part of your tax credit cert for 2023 or can you claim a refund in early 2023? If you can claim a refund through a tax return, check if you have other things to claim like medical expenses, etc.
  5. Company owners can increase the voucher value for themselves and staff this year. The director doesn’t have to be on the payroll of the company giving the voucher.
  6. Are you a married couple or civil partners, with one income, and a spouse/civil partner at home with dependents? Make sure to claim the Home Carer Tax Credit. This is worth €1700 in 2023.

The team at Comerford Foley love helping our clients reduce their tax liabilities. If you need help reducing yours Start here


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