The modern accountant vs. the traditional accountant

It’s a battle for the ages. Like Ali v Frazier, or Federer v Nadal. Just less sweaty. The modern accountant vs. the traditional accountant. Who wins?

Here we make a case for the former.

Ding, ding. Round one.

The traditional accountant is someone very much set in their ways. They’re not quite blowing the dust off an abacus, but they do rely on outdated techniques and less-than-efficient methods. Their desks are often covered in paper, and their time is often spent dealing with clunky, error-filled spreadsheets. The cloud? That’s that thing hanging over them as they rummage through filing cabinets.

The modern accountant, on the other hand, uses technology to make everything better. Faster. Clearer.

They harness the power of cloud accounting software to put your numbers front and centre. This makes collaboration easier and improves your decision-making abilities in the short and long term. The software, however, isn’t merely a tool – it’s a mindset. The modern accountant wants to help add value at every turn, and not just tell you your tax bill at the end of the year.

The traditional view of accountancy is one of compliance. But growing modern businesses demand more insight and direction than simply “you owe £X on this date.” Many modern accountants demonstrate knowledge beyond traditional accounting tasks, advising you on the best apps and integrations to complement your software setup and increase productivity.

What’s more, modern accountants are acutely aware of the challenges faced by a growing business, because they view themselves as business owners too – and not just accountants.

15-love to the modern accountant

We’ve got the traditional accountant on the ropes. We’re serving aces and effortlessly mixing our sports metaphors. Where else does the modern accountant have the upper hand?

One word: Communication.

We’ve heard the same feedback from almost every single client – communication is key. And the traditional accountant, stuck in their compliance-is-everything mindset,  so will rarely reach out unless there’s a deadline on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the modern accountant values a year-round working relationship, so with regular check-ins to enquire about progress and to prompt you on upcoming opportunities. They tend to be more inquisitive in nature and view the relationship as a partnership. They take an active interest in your business because as your business grows, they grow alongside you.

And while the traditional accountant can often retain a very narrow focus, and the modern accountant is mixing with other business owners, building a network, and constantly learning and sharing.

Game. Set. Match. It’s a knockout.

The bell has rung. The modern accountant stands victorious. A smile is etched on their face. And that’s something worth mentioning. Today’s accountants are among the most satisfied professionals working today. They’re not the dreary number crunchers the stereotype suggests; they love what they do, and they truly enjoy helping you grow your business.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a winner?

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