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Business Exit Planning

Exit sign

This week we’ll have a look at business exit planning. What are the things you should be discussing with your advisor? And what would you like to achieve? The main talking points will be Meet Maeve O’Leary How do I value my business Tax efficiency Future options Maeve O’Leary Maeve O’Leary, or Mol to her

Business Property Relief in Action

Last week we did a whistle-stop tour of Tax return season. In case you missed it see here This week we will look at Business Property Relief [BPR] in action. It involved a very interesting last-minute case that crossed our desks in the middle of the month. We will look at The facts What info

Tax Return Season – A Whistle Stop Tour

Over the last two weeks, we explored exiting a business that has a lot of cash assets. Last week was part 2 of a client success story. In case you missed it see here This week was the end of the latest tax deadline. Income Tax with a sprinkling of Gift/Inheritance Tax returns to keep