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Support for you and your business in tough times

COVID-19 has been extremely challenging for many businesses. To help you navigate the crisis, we’ve collated these resources, feel free to contact us for further support or information.

The government is currently offering three support schemes:

Scheme 1 - Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Employee is temporarily laid off and gets €350 per week from the Department of Social Protection – employee comes off the payroll.

Scheme 2 - Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme - EWSS

In place from the 1st of September 2020 and replaces the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme

Scheme 3 - - Covid Restrictions Support Scheme [CRSS]

To support businesses significantly affected by restrictions introduced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on both these schemes, please see the articles below.


All the updates, as we get them.

Business Supports - What's out there?

We are half-way through January. The weather has picked up, so we only need 3 layers for the walks. Dry January didn't start and watching Ireland's fittest family is the closest I have come to sweat.Read more

10 Things to know about the Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme

Happy New Year to you from all here at Comerford Foley It has been a difficult start to the year for many with wide ranging restrictions in place. Hope is on the horizon with two vaccines approvedRead more

10 questions answered on the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme

Last week we spoke about the technology that has helped us a lot in our business since the onset of Covid-19. In case you missed it Read here To help businesses understand a bit more about the suppoRead more

Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme - What to do?

Last week we looked at some of the benefits for Dara & Norma to run their business in a company. We showed the advantages of this, especially the tax savings. In case you missed this Read here Read more

Why it's more important than ever to have your numbers up to date

We would always encourage our clients to have their numbers up to date. If you don’t know your numbers then you are not in control of one of the most important parts of your business. After allRead more

Home expenses & e-working

Revenue accept that e-Workers will incur certain extra expenditure in the performance of their duties from home, such as additional heating and electricity costs and there is tax relief available Read more

Covid 19 - Temporary Wage Subsidy - Webinar

Read more

Further Covid-19 Employer Supports

A few updates following yesterday’s latest announcements which we have attempted to summarise below A brief video explain this e mail is at this link - Explainer Video 1. Pandemic UnemploymentRead more

Covid 19 - Some Thoughts for Business Owners!

I will not pretend to be an adviser that has all the answers for business owners on this. I absolutely don't. What I can say though is that I am a business owner myself and so I can relate to all theRead more

Covid-19 – Key Supports and Announcements Summary

Like all business owners we have been spending the last few days trying to come to terms with the worsening Covid-19 situation. While the health of the nation is the most important thing at thisRead more

Latest Revenue supports during Coronavirus period

In light of the procedures announced yesterday by Government to help to interrupt the transmission of COVID-19, Revenue have today outlined some important advice and arrangements taken to assist SMERead more

Bookkeeping : Getting it right from the start

The question we hear most in our line of work is “am I making a profit?” and this is always followed closely by “how much tax do I have to pay?“  Every business wants to know what theRead more


We ran a webinar with 2 other local firms to explain the temporary wage subsidy and answer business owners questions. You can find the recording below.


How should you treat an employee that you re-hire who had been temporarily laid off and was claiming the Pandemic Unemployment Payment?


Guidance and templates. Free to download.

TWSS Reconciliation - Employer Guidance

Detailed Revenue guidance on the operation of the TWSS reconciliation process

Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme - EWSS

Scheme 2 - See the latest guidance on this scheme. It will run until the 31st March 2021. Find out about eligibility, what you need to do to enter into the scheme and amounts of payment

Covid Restrictions Support Scheme - CRSS

Scheme 3 - Applies to eligible businesses who have to restrict access to their business premises as a result of Covid-19 restrictions and their turnover has been significantly impacted. In place until the 31st March 2021

Road to Recovery

In this article, published in Accountancy Ireland, Ger outlines some of the key short-term and long-terms steps to help a business recover

Cash Flow Forecast Template

An excel template to help keep a close eye on your cash flow during the crisis.

Break-even Excel Template

An excel template that helps you determine what the weekly level of break-even sales your business needs.

Guidance for employees who are in receipt of a temporary wage subsidy payment

For employees whose employer is availing of the Temporary wage subsidy scheme due to a reduction in business - v6

Pandemic Unemployment Claim Form

Scheme 1 – government preference is that this is applied for online 

Available Supports PDF

Document about supports available (Including banking and others)

Local Enterprise Office Supports

List of available vouchers, loans and other supports available to small businesses

Business Supports Available

A government prepared booklet which details the key supports and resources available to help businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Revenue Warehousing of Tax Debt

Find out what Tax debts can be deferred, the timeframe and any interest charges involved

Restarting your business Grant

Find out about the grant available from the local council that can help you restart your business

Further support

If you’d like further support or have questions about anything not covered in this page feel free to contact us.

We understand that not many people are making big decisions right now, however if you’d like to explore what kind of support might be available to you when this is all over, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in the form below.

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