Promotion News!

Promotion News! 

Comerford Foley is delighted to announce the promotion of Darragh McCormack to the position of Senior Manager.

As both a qualified Accountant and Tax Adviser, Darragh has a wealth of experience in helping his clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

Since joining Comerford Foley in 2016, Darragh has not only assisted clients with compliance and accounting requirements within their business but has played a leading role in assisting a significant number of our SME’s to help them grow their business.  This has been enabled by internal accounting process reviews, identifying areas for change and implementation to allow our clients grow their businesses on the back of knowing their numbers!   Not only that, Darragh has extensive experience in assisting individuals, SME’s and Family Owned Businesses both domestically and internationally with their taxation and accounting needs.

Within Comerford Foley, he has shown great leadership over the past couple of years to nurture the talent and knowledge of his fellow team members.

As part of his new role, Darragh will continue to work closely with the rest of the Comerford Foley team and will play a vital role in leading the team and providing a quality service to our clients while the practice grows over the coming years.

Congratulations Darragh! Meet the full Comerford Foley team here