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Living abroad and renting out an Irish Property

Expert support for Non-resident landlords navigating the Irish Tax System

If you rent out an Irish property but you live abroad, you still have to pay tax. Simple. 

Except it’s not. Understanding the rules and keeping on top of the revenue’s demands can be a source of stress when you’re overseas. Do you know when returns are due? What deductions you’re entitled to? How your property rental affects the other taxes you pay?

How we support you

  • By removing the tax worries: You’ll have a tax agent based in Ireland working with you to ensure that tax returns, tax calculations and tax payments are all up to date and completed correctly.
  • By dealing with Revenue: We’ll get you set up and answer any queries the revenue have in relation to the tax on your rental property.
  • By helping to reduce tax to a minimum: Advising you of any legitimate deductions you can make. This would include getting a deduction for some of our fees.
  • By filing your tax return: On time, every time.
  • By advising you on:
    • The correct way to return the income where the property is in joint names and maximising tax credit claims where possible.
    • Any other taxes that are relevant to the rental property, such as USC, Capital Gains tax, Gift Tax and Inheritance Tax.

We work in partnership with you and your collection agent to ensure
that everything runs as smoothly as possible

"I found CF after reading one of their blogs. I knew I had an Irish tax issue as had a rental property in Ireland and put off dealing with it for a few years. We had an initial meeting and shortly after that they got a proposal out to me and they have just sorted out my tax affairs for three tax years and my tax bills were a lot less than I thought. I am delighted with the speed and efficiency of the service and would recommend them to anyone."

Michael Nolan

How we work with you from afar

A 10 step process

2. Detailed proposal and engagement letter based on the services we identify you need

3. Onboard you as a client so that we have all the right information for you

4. Set you up with the revenue and become your tax agent in Ireland

5. Contact your collection agent

6. Help you complete an income tax checklist

7. Complete your rental income computation, capital allowances computation for furnished properties, your Income tax computation and draft your tax return

8. Send the tax return and cover letter to you for review and electronic signature

9. Submit your return and process the tax payment

10. Answer any routine follow-up queries with the Revenue

More stories from clients who’ve been there

“We found CF online and after a brief call and initial consultation they got a proposal out to us very quickly. My wife and I started working with CF in early 2019 when they did our 2018 tax returns for our Irish rental property which we own jointly. They advised us of the correct way to do our returns and while we had to do a return each the extra cost of doing this was more than covered by the tax savings. They did an excellent job for us as we are very happy with the level of service”

Jen and Bruce

“My husband & I moved to France a number of years ago and while there, he completed our tax return for our Irish property as he had an interest in this area. However, CF were recommended to me by an existing client of theirs. The first return completed by Comerford Foley was for 2016 and as part of this, they spotted a couple of areas where savings could be made from the returns in 2014 and 2015, while minimising our taxes for 2016. I have used their services ever since and they have been very helpful. They have been very patient with me and have always given me a fantastic service”.

Ruth Connolly

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