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At Comerford Foley, we offer a complete accounting service to help you with all your important numbers.
Save time and money with a package that is tailored to your needs.

Our Services

Year-end accounts - why everything is important!

Have you been with an accountant for a number of years but don't really understand what they do? Is a set of accounts all you get, that you sign in various places, and then receive an invoice once a year? Do you know why being compliant is so important and can actually help you GROW your Business!

On the journey with Comerford Foley, we will break this down so that you as a business owner will understand the process and why EVERYTHING is important. 

Year-end accounts preparation

Regardless of size, all Irish registered companies have an obligation to prepare year end Shareholder Financial Statements which have to be fully compliant with Irish GAAP and Company Law. We ensure that these accounts are prepared in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Sounds pretty boring doesn’t it!

As Business Owners ourselves we understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t actually understand the value in what you are being asked to invest in. We use normal language and provide some simple additional summaries which help you understand the performance of your business!

There are a number of our services we recommend as a minimum for companies

Shareholder accounts

We will compile all your accounts, ensuring you get your numbers right the first time. In addition we will present these in a manner that you understand. Where did the money go, what does it all mean and how can you use this to help you GROW your business!

Year Round Coordination

We have all been there! We know that it is not easy to run a business and that you are trying your best but we still have personal experience of the stress that business owners have to endure over missed deadlines and non-compliance with something they just didn’t understand! We'll coordinate all your accounts and compliance requirements year round to ensure you sleep soundly!

B1 Annual return

We'll save you the hassle and file your B1 annual return with the Companies Registration Office

Abridged accounts

We'll ensure your accounts are compliant before filing them with the Companies Registration Office.

Corporation tax return

We've got your company corporation tax computation and return covered.

Is it time for a change?

Making the switch to partner with us is much easier than you think!

Bookkeeping - why the investment is worth it!

Bookkeeping is often seen as an overhead and you want to get it completed for as little as possible – our approach is different...
Give it the investment it deserves, and you will see the return!

You don’t build a house without a good foundation – your approach to bookkeeping should be no different.

By allowing us control your bookkeeping, not only does it give peace of mind but it also means that when you are ready to increase your investment in finance we are well placed to start producing some fantastic information which can help you GROW your business including monthly or quarterly management accounts

We love to take care of everything for you. This means we become your one stop shop for everything from routine processing to the statutory accounts.

​Bookkeeping / Back Office

We work with you to ensure your books and records are maintained. We can take control of back office tasks which allows you to concentrate on what you do best.


We provide cost effective payroll services for start-ups all the way through to international businesses. We can become your payroll department and also ensure you are compliant with legislation changes.

​International Business

Ireland is a very attractive place for International companies to establish. We offer a full international business package to manage the entire process from company formation, tax planning, maintaining books and records, operating payroll, preparing management accounts, ensuring company secretarial filings are maintained, liaising with external auditors (including Big4 for large multi-national groups). 

Advisory - why planning is key!

Our broad range of experience means we can help you plan for the future and advise and
assist you at any stage of your business growth.

Outsourced Financial Control

We offer a tailored solution, depending on your needs, taking direct responsibility for as much or as little of your finance department as you wish, from routine recording and compliance requirements to a more strategic or Financial Control level. This allows your business to have the experience and expertise of having an "in-house" financial controller at a fraction of the cost.

Monthly / Quarterly Management Accounts

It is extremely important for business owners to know where they stand financially throughout the year. Not only that, we would recommend that if you have ambitions to grow or have a turnover of €500,000 or more you should certainly be producing regular management accounts. With monthly or quarterly management accounts we keep your numbers up-to-date and provide analysis which allows you to make business decisions to help you GROW your business.

Exit strategy

A key consideration at this stage of any start up is the potential exit strategy of the promoters. While it may not be a route taken in the short term, it is an important planning step.

Banking & funding

We have extensive experience with funding applications and understanding what is required to succeed in getting approval. We also have experience in assisting with obtaining other forms of finance such as crowd funding, angel investors and grant assistance.

Business start up

We understand the importance of the start up phase of businesses. From setting up the structure to helping with your business plan, we can assist with a range of services to help you on your way.

Corporate Recovery and Restructuring

The first step in putting together a survival solution is to assess the
overall viability of the business if the exceptional circumstances it finds itself in are ring fenced. We can
help assess this.

Xero & Cloud accounting

As Xero Partners we can advise you, set you up, train your team on the system and provide ongoing support for all your Xero needs.

Visit our Xero page to find out more

Buying or Selling a Business

We have the experience and understand the emotion involved in such life changing decisions. We also understand the stress of such decisions. Let us help you through the journey.

Do you need some financial excitement?

Take your accounts and finance from boring to interesting with our help.

Audit - why the details matter!

We offer a full range of assurance services using the expertise and experience of our audit professionals in their delivery.

Our audit staff have years of experience working in large professional services firms with responsibility for audits of varying sizes – from micro company audits to very large multi-national group audits.

We understand the importance of a robust audit process and the advantages it provides to the larger business to ensure good Corporate Governance. At the same time we understand that the Audit has to bring real value to our clients.

Statutory Audit

An annual audit is a statutory requirement for all limited companies that meet certain size criteria under the Irish Companies Acts.  Our audit plan is designed to enable us to respond to shareholders and management concerns and to identify risk areas and improve controls. Our approach follows the International Standards on Auditing (UK and Ireland) and covers the following steps:

  1. Audit planning - Risk assessment
  2. Audit fieldwork - Coordination and timing
  3. Audit completion - Coordination and timing
  4. Communication
  5. Delivery and sign off

Internal Audit

We offer a broad range of internal auditing services, either as an external team or as part of your team. Our services include:

  • Outsourced internal audit services
  • Risk Management
  • Internal audit secondments
  • Forensic audits
  • Quality and performance reviews of internal audit functions
  • Agreed upon Procedures
  • Internal audit advice

Assistance with preparing for Year End External Audit

As Auditors ourselves we understand the importance of the Statutory Audit but also the time pressure that this can put your limited resources under. By using the experience and expertise of Comerford Foley to assist in preparing for the Audit you can ensure that your resources are utilised as efficiently as possible. In addition we would expect that with correct planning that the overall Audit Fee would reduce.

Systems Control and Review

Our audit team will independently assess your accounting systems, controls and procedures. We will report on the strengths and weaknesses of the current accounting systems and procedures, and provide detailed recommendations for improvement of these with a view to saving cost and improving efficiency.

Grant Claim Review

Most agencies providing grant aid will require an Accountants Report to be submitted along with an application for payment of funds. We are fully qualified to perform this work and ensure that the grant claim procedure can be completed is an seamless a fashion as possible.

We see business growth as a journey​. As your business grows, so will our relationship.

Finding solutions for our clients is what we do best! Have a look at what they have to say.

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