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Is this you?

An ambitious family-owned business that:

  • is any size but wants to grow and work with numbers to build profit
  • is interested in exploring opportunities to pass onto the next generation
  • wants to ensure they are structured correctly for taxes
  • needs skills in funding & raising finance
  • is interested in looking at opportunities to sell the business and maximising value for owners
  • wants to protect all shareholders with a good structure and appropriate agreements

Are you struggling with any of these issues?

Business performance

Succession planning

Shareholders agreements

Dealing with disputes

Business sales

Option planning

Here's why we can help

  • We have experience in delivering for several family-owned businesses,
    helping them grow and achieve their goals
  • We offer trusted advice
  • We have dealt with plenty of succession plans and ongoing financial performance monitoring projects
  • These are the types of companies that we help day in day out
  • We truly care about helping our clients grow
  • We are also an ambitious family-owned business

Your stories

Curran Foods Limited

"We have been using the services of Comerford Foley for 14 months and in that time we have seen the benefit of having quarterly management accounts to help us grow our business. We understand our figures better, we work well together and they have been instrumental in helping us expand our business in terms of securing finance and maximising tax efficiency.
We couldn't recommend them enough"

Ger Curran, Managing Director

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